Subject Options 2020

REGISTRATION will close by 30 May 2019, 6:00pm sharp.

This Subject Options Survey is for Secondary Two students going on to Secondary Three in 2020.
Students are advised to choose their subject options based on strengths, interests, and education and career aspirations.

Registration Period:
27 May 2019 (Mon) 1200h to 29 May 2019 (Wed) 2359h

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Refer to User Guide below.
Students should note the following guiding principles for selection of subject option:

  1. History and Geography are not be offered together, e.g. SS+Elective History and Full Geography cannot be taken together.
  2. The same Humanities subject cannot be offered as both the elective Humanities and Full Humanities, e.g. elective Geography and Full Geography cannot be taken together.
  3. Students in the Express course must make selections for the 7- and 8-subjects options while students in the Normal (Academic) course must make selections for the 6- and 7-subjects options.
  4. Allocation of subjects will be based on (i) merit, (ii) choice and (iii) resources.
  5. Music and Drama are for selected students who pass the qualifying test only